1. Snakeskin – Deerhunter

When this song came out, I preordered this Deerhunter album on vinyl. When the rest of the album leaked, I cancelled the preorder. At one time, Deerhunter had a ‘sound,’ which they arguably perfected on Halcyon Digest (or was it Microcastle?), and since then they’ve taken up trying on new outfits for each album, punk on Monomania and whatever this is (dad/yacht/soft rock Muzak?), not that you’d know it from this song, which definitely still rocks. Anyways, I still love this band, and my opinion on this album is an outlier from the critics, who generally liked it.
Expect them to pop back up on a future Georgia-themed playlist (the state I’m from).

2. Drag Days – Guided by Voices

GBV’s ninth album, their first NOT recorded at home on a cassette deck. I guess that’s persistence.

3. Summertime Clothes – Animal Collective

This song makes me intensely happy. I thought my December playlist was depressing and I had been looking forward to Spring to have a cheery playlist. I guess this is it!

4. Carrot Rope – Pavement

I love the singing-over-each-other intro, the creepy, pedophilic second verse, and telling people the fact that there is a song called “Carrot Rope” (lots of GBV song titles are equally fun. See: “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory”).
Terror Twilight, Pavement’s last album, came out in 1999, not that I was cool enough to listen to it then (I was 13!), but they are the quintessential 90s slacker rock band, so the fadeout on this, the last song on their last album, sounds like the end of the 90s to me.

5. Owl’s Head Park – Eleanor Friedberger

Like Summertime Clothes, this song tells a simple, incredibly human and relatable story.

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