This playlist is all about getting your “money’s worth” from a song. Fresh off the super short lo-fi list and taking a break for January I decided to do a longer songs list. There’s nothing over 10 minutes, and I easily could have, so it’s not excessive, but, here it is, an LP length in 5 songs.

1. “Powder” – Bedhead

This is a little-known but widely celebrated slowcore band from Texas. The 2 brothers at the center of this band still record together as The New Year. They are awesome.

2. “All My Friends” – LCD Soundsystem

Pitchfork wrote of this song (in their 2007 best tracks list, #1) “starts out handling like a rickety shopping cart and ends up blazing like a house on fire.” I’ve always liked the line, but wished they had kept the wheel metaphor, like, “starts out handling like a rickety shopping cart and ends up like a flaming school bus barreling downhill.” Yeah. That would have been better.

3. “Snookered” – Dan Deacon

The “drop” if you want to call it that in this song is so cool. Dan Deacon makes a lot of really fun, manic music.

4. “Broken Chairs” – Built to Spill

Built to Spill in their best Neil Young Worship Mode.

5. “I Heard You Looking” – Yo La Tengo

A rocking instrumental to close us out. Yo La Tengo is my favorite band.

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