1. “You Satellite” – Wilco

Wilco isn’t as big now after a few meh albums, which is a shame, because their last couple have been a nice course correction, even if they definitely were smaller scale, lower stakes.
I love the timbre, the actual tone of this track, but it’s kind of just one long rise, a better intro than actual song in a way.

2. “Stratford-On-Guy” – Liz Phair

This is a 90s alternative classic album, one I’ve wanted on vinyl for a long time and finally got a copy because of a recent 25th anniversary reissue.

I keep a “Staging” playlist where I throw any song that I think might be good for a playlist throughout the month. This song has been in Staging for a while, looking for the right group of songs to surround it.

“I was pretending that I was in a Galaxie 500 video…”

3. “Fourth of July” – Galaxie 500

Galaxie 500 had some of the best “la-la-la’s” in the business.

4. “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood” – Destroyer

Dan Bejar is a member of The New Pornographers (remember “The Bleeding Heart Show” from my October playlist?), records solo as “Destroyer,” and doesn’t sound at all like a band called “Destroyer” should sound like.

His album Kaputt a few years ago was a big hit, but it had too much saxophone for me. This is a more appropriate amount of saxophone.

5. “Ascension Day” – Talk Talk

I love ending playlists with this song becau

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