The first three songs on this playlist are a krautrock primer without actually being true krautrock. They’ve just all got that sweet, hypnotic motorik beat. It’s also got both Spanish and French, which is I think the most non-English I’ve had on a playlist. They all follow a basic formula of a minimalist start building to a noisy crescendo. Gets me every time.

1. “Quiero Otoño De Nuevo” – Mint Field

This is a brand new Mexican band. I believe it consists of two girls, which is cool. A friend introduced me to them recently.

2. “Tone Burst” – Stereolab

I got a friend into Stereolab when he was living with me a while back, but this is from the early, droning end of their catalogue, which he was not a fan of.

3. “Nothing Ever Happened” – Deerhunter

Deerhunter continued from last month. This has always been my favorite song by them.

4. “Say Valley Maker” – Smog (Bill Callahan)

“Oh I cantered out here. Now I’m galloping back.”

What’s this?! Smog?! Oh yeah, Drag City, one of my favorite indie labels, is now streaming! That means a whole host of Bill Callahan records and some other great bands are now available.

5. “Honeycomb” – Deafheaven

This is my favorite song of 2018. My top 3 favorite songs from 2018 are on this album. This is my favorite album of 2018.

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