This playlist is all hit songs. You’ve probably heard most if not all of them before. I wanted to take a break from the crate-digging and have a dose of the familiar.

1. “Surrender” – Cheap Trick

This is the sort of song you’ve heard a million times in bars, never places where you’re in control of the music. It came on an Apple Music Classic Rock radio station I was listening to while cleaning the house 6 months ago and was surprised how much I really liked it.

2. “Hand in My Pocket” – Alanis Morissette

This is the one I figured most people might not know, but I like it way more than the more ubiquitous “Ironic” from the same album. The first CD I ever owned (still have it).

3. “Semi-Charmed Life” – Third Eye Blind

Just a fun song about doing crystal meth.

4. “Man on the Moon” – R.E.M.

Just 100%.

5. “Fast Car” – Tracy Chapman

…No comment.